Do your sales cycles seem to just drag on and on and on? This is a really common challenge, and it is not only costing you time. More importantly, it is costing you missed sales. Creating urgency with prospects is critical to closing more sales. I want to make the point it is not about saying that the price goes up tomorrow. In this chapter, I’m going to teach you three tips to create real urgency in sales. Check it out. 

Number one, learn their key challenges. By understanding what the key challenges are that your prospects are facing, you will start to see how serious those issues really are, you’re going to start to get a sense of the priority and the commitment to actually doing something to solve those challenges. The more you uncover about their challenge, the more you’re going to understand whether they’re going to feel an urgency in going forward with your solution. 

Number two, understand their top objectives. Now, this is different than understanding their challenges. Objectives are goals that they want to accomplish over the short term. And not every challenge is going to be a top priority. So by understanding their objectives, their key objectives, you’re going to really understand what is most priority in their world over the next 6, 12, 18 months. And by understanding the prospects priorities or key objectives, you can now align your solution with those objectives.  Number three, get a real commitment. Once you’ve identified the key challenges and those objectives, you want to find out if they’re really serious about doing something about it. So we’ll get commitment is to simply ask a question like this. George, are you committed to doing something about this right now? Now notice, I didn’t say are you committed to moving forward with me? Or are you committed to buying right now instead, what I asked is, are you committed to doing something about this, this being solving your challenges or accomplishing your objectives? Right now, by doing so you’re going to understand whether they’re really serious about taking action in the short term.