Most salespeople when talking about their key sales related challenges are asking specifically about the close. How do I close more sales? How do I close a sale in this situation? What do I do if I’m in this situation? How do I close that sale? This is realistically focusing on the wrong end of the problem. One of my mentors used to always say, Start Strong and strong. And closing the sale is so much more about what are you doing in the early phases of that sale, not how are you actually closing the sale at the end? In this chapter, I’m going to teach you how to actually close more sales. Check it out.

Number one, focus on the key challenges. Your prospect is listening to one radio station only and that radio station is Wii FM, you know what it means? It means, what’s in it for me, all your prospect cares about is what’s going in their world? What are their key challenges and what are they looking to accomplish. By focusing on those key challenges that they’re facing, you’re going to really understand where the prospect is hurting what’s really going on there. And by doing that, you’re not only going to understand far more about your prospect, but you’re going to be able to craft a solution around what they’re really focused on.

Number two, understand what the prospect is looking to accomplish. So often, we assume that we understand what our prospect is looking to accomplish. But are you asking those big picture questions like, help me understand, the big picture, what would you want to accomplish with this? This is the single best way to show that you are an expert, you are going to show that you understand what is really going on. We don’t look like an expert because we have the answer to every single question. We look like the expert because we know the right questions to ask. We’re really understanding what’s going on. By understanding what they really need. You are setting yourself apart from all of those other competitors who have simply come in and pitched a solution before they really understood those key challenges. Those key objectives.  Number three, create a solution based on solving those challenges. People don’t buy your product or service. Think about that. They don’t buy your product or service. They don’t care about what we have to offer, what they really care about are those results. What are the results and outcomes that you can really provide for those people? And now I’m not talking about going in and pitching now talking about all the results and outcomes that you can bring. I’m talking about simply crafting a solution around solving those most important challenges. Don’t distract your prospect with all of these other superfluous solutions focus on specifically solving those core challenges. By implementing these three ideas, you’re going to find that you will close far more sales simply because you stand what solution they need.