Selling to other businesses can be both lucrative and rewarding. But it can also be really tough. If you’re not showing value. A business prospect is always thinking one thing when talking to salespeople, is this person creating value for me? If not, then you’re done. In this chapter, I’m going to share with you five tips to close more b2b sales. Check it out.

Number one, clarify your value proposition. When someone asks you what you do, you absolutely must have a quick and rehearsed response. When you start a call, do you know exactly how to describe what you do? If not, you’re dead in the water, it’s time to actually script out and memorize your value proposition. It is, by the way, the only part of your business from a sales perspective that you have to actually memorize.

Number two, focus on their challenges. Most sales, people in a b2b space are still selling, selling the features and benefits of their products or services. But the problem is, is that prospects don’t buy features and benefits anymore. There was a time when this worked. But no longer, prospects now buy solutions to their challenges. So if there’s no challenge, then there is no sale, it is time to start seeking to really understand their challenges and what’s going on in their world. 

Number three, get face to face, there’s been a big movement towards inside sales forces. And I think in some cases that can be fine because it is very efficient. But for companies that are still selling expensive products or services, I mean, the high-end products or services that really require a serious investment, you absolutely must get face to face with your prospects. You may think that’s old school, but actually, its new school because most of your competitors are still trying to close sales on the phone or without getting face to face, it’s time to sit eyeball to eyeball with a prospect. And what you’ll find is that you are going to increase your close rate many times over, just get in the car or on that plane. And don’t worry about those expenses, get out there and meet your prospects face to face. 

Number four, be proud of your premium pricing. Low price does not make good prospects want to buy low price makes the worst kinds of prospects want to buy, own your premium price point in the market. It’s not about dropping your price. Because a good prospect doesn’t care about your price, they care about the value that you’re providing to them. So instead of focusing on price, focus on the real value that you provide to your customers and your clients.  Number five, offer three option proposals. So what I mean by that is that every single proposal should have three different options, most of your competitors, and probably the person watching this video right now is used to just providing one option to a prospect. But just one option is very limiting in terms of the possibilities that a prospect can choose from. And by the way, even if you’ve done a very good job in discovery, finding out really what the prospect needs, you still don’t know which option the prospect is going to choose. So what you want to have is one more basic option, which means the most inexpensive option that will still solve the problem. Still not low price, but inexpensive compared to your other options. The second option is going to be right in the middle mid-level. And the third option is really premium, it’s probably way outside of their budget. But you never know sometimes they go for that option. And at the very least what it’s going to do is set the value for what you’re actually offering. So this will do two things, it will lower the number of times that you actually get shopped around because you’ve provided some context. And it’s also going to lead to much bigger sales because you’re going to be surprised that some of your prospects will actually go for that third option.