Increasing sales doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s about taking action in ways that will lead to the greatest return. Having worked intimately with hundreds of organizations over the past 10 years as a trusted advisor, I get to see what really works. And it’s not what you might expect. In this chapter, I’m going to share with you five insanely simple ideas on how to increase sales, check it out. 

Number one, toss out the features and benefits, your prospects are sick of this. Instead, just focus on the results you can achieve or have achieved in the past. This is what your prospects actually care about.

Number two, ask for one referral each day. Now I know that may sound like a lot of work. But realistically, it’s no more than 10 minutes of work each day. And there is no easier way to grow your sales. Just think about the math, asking for one referral or introduction each day is five per week. You know, that’s 250 introduction asks, per year.

Number three, host a private client event, people love to come to exclusive events, invite both your top clients and some of your top prospects, what you’re going to see is that your top prospects are actually going to be doing your selling for you. 

Number four, create client case studies, there is nothing and I mean nothing that is more compelling to a prospect than an example of what you have actually achieved in the past. So in those case, studies focus on the results that you have actually created with your clients, not so much on the deliverables, not so much on what you did, but on what you actually accomplish. Number five, use a proposal with three options, and stop proposing just one option. This is the reason that we’re getting shopped around on price. This is the reason that we’re often limiting the possible size of a sale, your prospects want options, use proposals with three options ranging from on the low end, the least expensive option, all the way up to the premium option with massive added value. By doing that, you’re giving your prospect the perspective to see what’s out there. And you’re also giving them the opportunity to choose the highest end option that’s going to have the most value that’s also going to mean the biggest sale for you.