The phone is the number one most effective tool of a salesperson in today’s market. No other tool gives you a greater balance of leverage of your time versus actually creating a personal connection. In this chapter, I’m going to share with you three phone sales tips that you didn’t know, check it out.

Number one, tone it down. Sales people have been taught to show lots of enthusiasm on the phone. And this is really debilitating. Nobody wants to talk to the Hey, how are you guy? Instead, tone the opening down with something a little bit more real, something along the lines of Hey, George, Mark WayShack calling did I catch you in the middle of something, by using an approach that’s much more relatable, much more genuine, you are going to see your connection rates, your conversion rates go up significantly. 

Number two, script out the first 10 seconds of your call. What’s amazing is that so few people actually truly script out the first few seconds of their call. Yet no one’s surprised by the idea that research shows us most prospects take about seven seconds before they decide whether they want to hang up or politely get off the phone, don’t leave your opening to chance instead script out exactly what you’re going to say every single time in order to engage that prospect.  Number three, lead with common challenges. Your prospect doesn’t care about what you have to sell. All they care about are their challenges and goals. So instead of focusing the call with how great your product or services, instead focus the call in a direction that’s going to get them to talk about what’s going on in their world. So let me give me an example about of how I might start a call with a prospective client, George, a lot of my clients are coming to me right now for a couple of reasons. One is that they’re losing sales to low cost competitors, two is that they’re just really struggling to maintain a good sized pipeline, or number three, they’re just finding that the ROI on their sales activities just isn’t where they want it to be, any of those challenges ring true to you. By using an approach that is focused on challenges and then ultimately engaging that prospect, you are going to find that your prospects are suddenly much more responsive to whatever it is that you ultimately have to offer..