Nowadays, everyone calls himself an entrepreneur, even though they’re not even being a business owner does not make you an entrepreneur. What I’ve learned is that an entrepreneur has a particular mindset that sets them apart from 99 out of 100 people and this same mindset can transform your sales. In this chapter, I’m going to share with you four keys to selling like an entrepreneur, check it out. 

Number one, take risks with prospects, it is time to stop being afraid of losing opportunities, we need to be willing to say something that’s provocative that’s going to pull our prospects outside of their comfort zone, we need to be willing to stretch their budget to really test the limit of what they’d be willing to invest to really solve those challenges. It’s about taking risks as an entrepreneur when we apply that same mindset to sales, we’re going to see that we’re not only closing more sales, but they’re considerably bigger and more profitable. 

Number two, only focus on activities that make you money. Entrepreneurs focus on one thing, and one thing only. And that thing is growth. We can do the exact same. It’s time to focus only on what is going to make us more money. And that means anything else is offloaded to someone else. Anything that doesn’t make us money is going to be offloaded to someone else. We never want to get bogged down in the minutia. Focus only on those activities, and those strategies that are going to make us more money.

Number three, create your own plan for success. In my experience, entrepreneurs are very strategic. On the other hand, most salespeople are stuck in that day to day of just getting by. It’s time to be strategic by having your own game plan for really growing sales. So what do you need to do in the next three months, in order to blow up your sales, it’s time to really be more strategic and thoughtful about what you need to do over the next three 6,12, 18 months. Lastly, number four, think of yourself as the owner, whether you are or not the owner of the company that you work at, in sales, I want you to act like you are the owner. Entrepreneurs know that it’s either success or total bust and failure. And that drives them. So don’t rely on your manager to help you figure it out. Instead, get it done yourself. Take complete ownership over your future. And you’re going to find that you’re going to be much more successful in that same future.