Do you send emails as part of your sales Arsenal? Well, you should. And the reason is that we never know what medium is most likely to engage our prospect is it going to be the phone or mail or email or even just to drop it. This is why I recommend that we use all of the mediums and engaging a prospect however, sending a highly effective email is actually not just an art form, it is a science. And in this chapter, I’m going to share with you five must know email sales tips, check it out. 

Number one, make it personal. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving an email from someone who made me feel like I was just one of many people receiving that email, use the contacts first name, and never let the email feel like a boilerplate email /

Number two, avoid formal language. We’re not writing an essay for college, we’re just trying to convey that we are a normal human being with something very real to offer. Take out the buzzwords and the fancy language. And the Sirs and Ma’am’s. Instead, just write as if you talk.

Number three, keep the email short. Think about what is your actual goal in sending this email? What is it, it should really only be to elicit a response from that prospect. This means that we are there to educate the prospect and we’re not even there to make a sale. We just need a response. No email should ever exceed more than four to five sentences. Make it short and to the point.

Number four, offer value to the prospect. In the email offer the prospect that is something of value to him or her. You know, think about it. What would be in your world something that would be useful? Is it an eBook? Is it a special report? Maybe a free assessment? Or even a relevant article? What is it that you can offer in that email that will feel like is of high value and will ultimately elicit that response? Number five, engage the prospect with a simple question. A prospecting email should never end with a statement in a period, what we really want to do is close out that email with a very simple question. A couple of examples might be what’s the best address to send the book to? Or is this an idea that would be at all relevant in your world? Can you see where I’m going? I mean, this is about just asking a very simple question that’s going to require a short, easy to respond to answer.