I rarely talk about my own business with you for the reasons that I always tell you, your prospects don’t care about you. However, I think, in this case, my own experience can be instructional for everyone watching this. Now, I have doubled my own business every single year for the past four years now isn’t the same exact strategies that I share with you each week. But there is one strategy that has been by far and away from the most effective strategy for me in growing my own business, it has been crucial to my really massive sales growth. And in this chapter, I’m going to share with you my number one best strategy for attracting new clients. Check it out. 

The strategy that has changed, everything for me, is hosting an exclusive invitation-only event. So I’m going to open up the playbook for my own business to right now, I host, typically to invitation-only events each year. And I’m going to share with you some of the key components to making them as effective as they’ve been for my business. Number one, you want to make sure that it feels very exclusive. At my own events, I invite only CEOs, presidents, and VP of sales of companies that fit my typical target size. So these are typically larger companies. And I host the event at the Harvard Club of Boston, which feels really nice and exclusive. But when you host your own event, you could just have it at a nice hotel or some other nice venue that’s going to feel exclusive. 

Number two, I invite both my clients and my prospects, and one of my mentors has always told me that whenever you can get your clients and your prospects together in the same room, magic happens. And it’s true, there is nothing more powerful than having your clients telling your prospects firsthand how great you are. Plus, you can get your clients to bring people from their own network to come to the event. So it’s an obvious way to get an introduction. 

Number three, ask everyone in your network for introductions to people who might want your help. hosting an event is one of the easiest ways to ask your entire network for introductions, this is a great way to ask those people that maybe you haven’t asked in the past, if they know anyone that they think would get value out of coming to an event like this, and really walk them through the type of person you’re looking to have come to the event, people can get really excited about inviting people in their world to an exclusive event that you’re hosting. Number four, share some of your best practices at the event. So at the actual event, what I want you to do is I want you to share with the audience what you see going on in their marketplace, you are an expert, you have a very particular bird’s eye view of what’s going on in their world, you can get lots of discussions going because remember, you have a high-level group of people. So just having all of these people together with some of the best practices that you see being used and letting them share some of the best practices that they are using. You’re providing tremendous value to every single person in the room. This one strategy has directly led to hundreds of thousands of dollars of business for me in the past couple of years.