One of the strongest commonalities among top salespeople in any industry is that those top performers use a very consistent and predictable sales process. Other salespeople who struggle to keep up are simply winging it. We all need a sales process in order to excel. In this chapter, I’m going to share with you the perfect three step sales process, check it out.

Number one, connect. In order to close any prospect, in order to make that sale, there has to be a connection, there has to be trust. This is more than just having rapport. It’s about actually really two key things. First, we need that prospect to feel that we are similar to them, we need them to feel like they are someone that we ultimately relate to. The second is that the prospect needs to feel that we care about they’re situation that we are focused on them, not on ourselves. When we have accomplished that, then we’ve created a true connection with the prospect.

Number two, in this sales process is to dis-qualify. Now this is probably language that you’re quite frankly not used to hearing in a selling situation. My challenge to you is this, stop chasing around those prospects with that fancy sales pitch, they don’t care. Instead, develop a process of asking real value based questions to learn about their key challenges, and their goals. Questions like what is the most important objective that you would like to accomplish this year? Or what are some of the biggest challenges that you’re finding yourself consistently facing? By being willing to actually disqualify anyone who’s not a fit, what we’re doing is we’re ultimately putting ourselves into a position of being the selector and it’s amazing how prospects will respond to that in a way that they never found themselves responding before. What we’re signaling to that prospect is that you know what, maybe it’s not a fit, and that is going to raise your value in the eyes of the prospect.

Number three, is give a case study presentation. Canned presentation simply just don’t get it done anymore. Your prospect is so familiar with the standard canned presentation. Instead, set yourself apart from the competition, show the prospect some examples of how you’ve helped clients in similar situations before accomplish similar goals that your prospect is looking to accomplish. And when it comes time to actually presenting that solution present only to the challenges that the prospect has shared, nothing more.